Sunday, September 17, 2006

Long Time and I love BOXING!

OK so is has been a very long time since I've blogged. However even though it is a rare thing to get a comment or two or that I've been liking My Space a bit too much I'm in need of catching any of you that read this up. Then again most of you that read my blogg see me just about every day and I'm not one to never talk about my life so this is probably useless to do. However it's late and I'm waiting for my face mask to dry (trying something new) and so here I am.

So other than a crasy summer of losing my gal bladder, leaving a job and not being able to go canoing (too sick). I love BOXING. I've joined Linda's boxing gym recently and I love it, oh I said that already. We went three times this week and man I didn't know you could sweat that much, or hurt that much, and I've been doing sports for years. We get to punch pads and big punching bags. And skip, ya skip with a skipping rope. It totally is all about cordination which I don't have! I've had alot of time lately to think about things and I'm sure thinking is not the best thing for me right now. But when I'm boxing I stop thinking and punch which is way cool.

So that is my life right now. Not too exciting but I'm still running Hard after God and it's an amazing thing once you stop thinking and let Him speak to you what you can learn. Then you get to think again. And then I go Boxing!

Oh my face is dry now catch you later.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Raining Tickets; Raining Tickets (music to be added)

Ok so wow great movie X Men 3! Had the best time watching the movie and I don't want to give anything away so we'll move on to after the movie.

It was late around 2am and I was tired and was going to give Jason and Jeff and ride home so I want to leave right away. As we walked out into the Downtown air with cops everywhere my thoughts all of a sudden turned to my car. Yes as I walked I thought oh no I should have prayed for my car's saftey and all. But the next thought was oh no problem I'm sure things are ok. It does make me MAD sometimes how prophetic I can be without knowing I'm being prophetic. So we got to the place where my car was suppose to be parked and well it wasn't their.

I must admit at first I didn't panic but thought I know I'll call Jacob because he knows everything. Thing is Jacob's phone was dead and he didn't answer. Then I started to panic. But being ONE with Jesus I figured I was panicing on my own and the ONENESS left. I thought the car was stolen then heard that Ben's car was towed and so mine must have been also. It's amazing after that the fight between panic and peace. I'm sure Jesus was forcing peace on me if that can be done as I tired to feel peace instead of panic.

Long story over we got our cars and Jacob does know everything at least about Toronto thanks Jake. I'm just wondering about the money and mmmm that was my rent God so please show up with peace so I won't panic!
Oh ya then as I slept peacfully at Linda's the ticket deamon gave me another one. So pray or break off this ticket thing please!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Ok so here I go, moving into the TACF villiage. I'm actually quite please, i'll be with Bonnie, Kimiko and Kathryn. I've totally loved living with the Allan's yet am happy to be moving closer as gas prices are nuts. I've never lived so close to the church yet realizing i'll be spending more time downtown which i love. I'll have to figure out when to contenplate cause now my driving time will disappear. So if any of you are bored and want to help me move in the 1st of June i would love the help!!!

Friday, March 31, 2006

The Intensity of God's LOVE

Here I sit alone in the office right after the best meeting I've been to in a long time. I mean it was Jack Frost giving his testimony again. I've heard this a large amount of times, yet I heard it for the first time tonight. Oh the intensity of God's love is truley stronger than I've ever realized. His mission is to love us to LIFE! A that life is just starting!

The Daughter of God has awakened!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Winter ahhhh

Ok so far this winter it has been crasy, warm then cold then freezing. I've been skiing more than ever and realizing I do love it, at least when my knees aren't hurting. But right now this very moment..wait for it... I can stand winter. WHAT how can you say that Mel have you lost the plot? No I'm feeling normal and just feeling also stuck. I'm realzing more than ever the cold sucks. Can it be possible to ski without the cold and wet? Maybe only in heaven. I know I'll try snowborading next week that may cure me right Steve Hollema?

So other than the drama of cold and winter no real news... Next Sat most of the people in my life that I hang out with and love will be gone. All different places yet all at once what is a girl to do? Maybe I'll save money for the week, maybe I'll make new friends... Ahh but can they ever replace the ones away in the sun. That's it I'm jealous truth be told most of my friend are off on a cruise and also in a hot country now maybe that is why I'l having a tough time with winter. The cure SKI MORE!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

No real reason to be sane

Ok so I've just realized how all my friends are different. Well in a good way. Reading all your blogs and seeing the craziness, it's fun yet makes me wonder. Does this mean I'm different too? Do people of similar craziness hang out because of being the same? Will I one want a mullet one day Steve?

Being the sane person I am, I've come to realize that trusting in myself is totally a bad idea. Most people around would thing I'm nuts yet I can't find any real reason to think that trusting in myself works. I mean with everyday things. Everytime I start to freak out and try to work things out on my own insanity happens. I seriously go nuts. Then God shows up and I could kick myself again. When will I learn? Or it this just a part of life; freak out then realize; freak out again then God shows up again. So maybe I should just cut off my hair and see if anyone notices.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More on My Life and Destiny

So this past weekend a few of us took off to Mactier. A very small town 2 hours north of Toronto. Right in Muskoka area. It was amazing, we stay in this million dollar cottage and had the best time. Ya and Bethany ate meat again!

Seriously we had a great encounter and then I spoke on the Sunday morning. I love it after an encounter. Seeing all the change in someone's face it was Awesome. This one guy changed so much is was a night and day experience for him. And once again God showed up so powerfully and at the same time we laugh our heads off. It was great. TACF is planning to have huge revival meeting in Mactier in Jan and Feb. It is so cool, the town consists of 1200 and has 5 churches!

It amazes me at all God is doing already this year and it's only 10 days old! Bless you guys!